Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido university

Station-5: Multi Point Scanning Two Photon Excitation Microscopy

Combined with the merits of CSU and multi photon excitation, Station-5 is the system achived high speed acquisition, weak photo damage and deep imaging.
[Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Spinning disk confocal microscopy] covers contents about optical microscope. [Intaractive Flash Tutorial] explains it briefly and appropriately. Please check it, if you have some questions.

Microscope Nikon, Inverted microscope Ti-E
CSU Yokogawa Electric, CSU-X1
EM-CCD Camera Andor technologies, iXon Ultra
CMOS Camera Qimaging, OptiMOS
Image Splitting system Hamamatsu Photonics, W-View Gemini A12801-01
*W-View is common use with other Stations.
Motorized stage Chuo Precision Industrial, Motorized XY-Stage System (NK) A1
Incubator Tokai Hit, INUG2-ONICS
*This model was now finishing for sales, it linked to following models.

Other Equipment

All Equipment Return the equipment list at NIC@HU.
Station-1 Spectral Confocal system.
Station-2 Total Internal Reflection(TIRF) Microscopy
*We can only use 488 nm diode laser with excitaion.
Station-3 Multi Fluorescence Time-lapse Microscopy. If you use dry type objective, you can acquire multi point time lapse imaging.
Station-4 Realtime Confocal Microscopy with CSU. This system acquire with high speed imaging, or example 30 frame per second. Or this system is suitable for luminescence imaging by high sensitive EM-CCD camera.
Station-6 Spectral Confocal system. This model is equipped with high sensitivity GaAsP type ditector and 1K resonant type scanner.
Filter and Objective lens List of objective and filter block set at NIC@HU.
Reagent list Coutesy of supporting companys, the reagent list supplying for user trial.