Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido university

Station-3: Multi Fluorescence Time-lapse Microscopy.

Station-3 is a standard fluorescence microscope. You can aquire multiple dimensional imaging - time lapse, multi fluorescence and multipoint.
Station-1,3,4 system with Ti-E can keep initial focus by "Perfect Focus System" for long time.

Microscope Nikon, Inverted microscope Ti-E
Camera Hamamatsu Photonics, Cooled-CCD Camera ORCA-R2
Software Hamamatsu Photonics, AquaCosmos
Software Molecular Devices Japan, MetaMorph
Incubator Tokai Hit, STXG-WSKMX-SET
Motorized stage Chuo Precision Industrial, Motorized XY-Stage System (NK) A1
Optical table Meiritsu Seiki Co.,Ltd, Honeycomb table suspension vibration isolator table, AY-1209K4
*Coutesy of supplied by System Brain.
Darkroom Meiritsu Seiki Co.,Ltd, XRM-1411
*Coutesy of suppliedg by System Brain.

Other Equipment

All Equipment Return the equipment list at NIC@HU.
Station-1 Spectral Confocal system.
Station-2 Total Internal Reflection(TIRF) Microscopy
*We can only use 488 nm diode laser with excitaion.
Station-4 Realtime Confocal Microscopy with CSU. This system acquire with high speed imaging, or example 30 frame per second. Or this system is suitable for luminescence imaging by high sensitive EM-CCD camera.
Station-5 Multi Point Scanning Two Photon Excitation Microscopy CSU-MP). Combining the merit of multi photon microscope and CSU, Station-5 is suitable for week photo damege, deep imaging and high speed acquisition.
Objective lens List of objective at NIC@HU. *PDF file (54kb) will be opened in new window.
Filter set List of optical Filter set at NIC@HU. *PDF file (44kb) will be opened in new window.
Reagent list Coutesy of supporting companys, the reagent list supplying for user trial.