Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido university

About Nikon Imaging Center

Outline of Nikon Imaging Center

The Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido University (NIC@HU) is a facility for novel biological microscopy available to researchers both in Hokkaido University and throughout Japan. It was established with significant contributions from Nikon Instech and is supported by the following corporations supplying both microscopy equipment, experimental materials, and software.
Funding for the NIC@HU ended under the research departments in September 2011, but was reestablished under the Research Support department at the institute in April 2012 and continues to support all researchers with its equipment.

And NIC@HU started to participate "Advanced Bio imaging Support(ABiS)", one of the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas in 2016. ABiS is the platform supporting for methods of advanced microscopy techniques, super resolution microscope, light sheet microscope, deep imaging and data analysis in Japan.

Supporting corporations and other NIC

Supporting corporations

In November 2017, 15 company support to NIC@HU: Andor Technology, Chroma Technology, Chuo Precision Industrial Corporation, Goryo Chemical, Hamamatsu Photonics, Nikon Instech, JASCO, Thermo Fisher Scientific(Life technologies, Invitrogen or Molecuar Probes), Nippon Roper, Opto-Line(supplied for optical filters bySemrock), Promega, System Brain, Solution Systems (supplied for deconvolution software "Huygens" made by Scientific Volume Imaging), Tokai Hit, Yokogawa Electric.

Nikon Imaging Center in the Worlds

There are currently 10 Nikon Imaging Centers worldwide: Harvard Medical School(NIC@HMS), University of Heidelberg(NIC@HD), Hokkaido University(NIC@HU), University of California at San Francisco(NIC@UCSF), Singapore Bioimaging Consortium(NIC@SBIC), Curie Institut at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (NIMCE@CNRS), North Western University(NIC@NU), King's College London(NIC@King's), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia(NIC@IIT) and University of Carifornia at San Diego (NIC@UCSD).

Support for Every Researcher!

The main activities of the NIC@HU are:

  1. Providing the latest microscopy and imaging devices for basic and advanced biological research.
  2. Training courses on bio-imaging from beginner to advanced levels.
  3. Support users to enable them to use microscopes correctly and with confidence. Also to ensure optimal setup and data analysis for the relevant experiment.
  4. Develop new microscope setups and imaging techniques in response to feedback and ideas from users of NIC@HU.

If you have some trouble imaging with microscopy... for example,

  • There are no microscopes in your lab or facility.
  • Your lab has some microscopes, but no one knows how to use it.
  • You don't have objectives or filters that are suitable for your imaging.
  • You are not satisfied with imaging as microscopes or CCD cameras are too old.
Please contact us! All researchers are welcome to use our equipment.