Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido university

3: 3D Rendering images

When you acquire Z-series images, you are able to make the 3D rendering image and 3D movies. Huygens gallery at SVI shows many interesting movies. please go and see it.

Sample1 3D rendering images of HeLa cells expressed YFP

Sample2 Reconstucted images of confocal images. Sample is HeLa cells (Tubulin)
* Click the images, you can see large images.

Left: Original images by acquired confocal microscope Nikon-A1(Station1)
Center: After deconvoluted images (estimated PSF)
Right: After deconvoluted image (measured PSF)
Zoom up and rotation movies made by double stained HeLa cell images.
White: Tubulin, Magenda: Nuclei.

Huygens and Deconvolution

0.About deconvolution software: Huygens
1.Wide field images
2.Confocal images