Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido university

2. Confocal images

Confocal microscopy can eliminate non-focused fluorescence signal. Huygens can improve your confocal image resolution removed blur.
  Put cursor onto image, the image changed to deconvoluted one.

*Click images, you can compare before (left) and after (right) deconvolution operation.

COS7 Cells stained by ActinGreen ReadyProbes
COS7 Cells stained by ActinGreen ReadyProbes
Sample3. Image acquired other Obj.
Sample4. Dable stained Hela Cells
Sample5. FluoCells#2
Sample6. FluoCells#2

Sample6: Time lapse movie of microtubule end binding protein (EB1) expressed to GFP.
Top:Deconvoluted; Bottom:Original (Movie:4MB-6MB)

* Image Coutesy: Prof. Masayuki Takahashi, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University and Prof. Keiju Kamijyo, Tohoku University School of Medicine.

Huygens and Deconvolution

0.About deconvolution software: Huygens
1.Wide field fluorescence images
3.3D rendering sample